We announce the exclusive cooperation of our company with ETP – ENERGY TECHNOPLUS.

Proposed field of application:

– Thermal System components

– Heat exchangers, Pasteurizing equipment

– Autoclaves, Distillation towers

– Drying-heat treating equipment

The use of ETP removable insulation covers is especially recommended in places where maintenance, repair and cleaning works require the removal of the insulation.

The insulation covers are produced in the whole dimension scale of steam and hot water valves, but can be produced for machine elements of any size and form. The design of ETP insulations make fast mounting and dismounting possible and their handling does not require any special skill.

The insulations can be used for both indoors and outdoors works, as their cover is water and UV radiation resistant. Some of our products can be used to surfaces up to 1000 oC.

All of our raw materials are waterproof. The efficiency of the ETP insulations is between 85-90% depending on selected filling, thickness and density. Based on our users experience the life expectancy is more than 10 years.

You can download brochure HERE

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