Biogas plants insulation

The need of energy efficiency assurance in combination to the climate change confrontation has led to the development of Biogas processing plants.

In order to achieve optimal performance, the project is evaluated from a technological, economic and ecological point of view. A unit whose primary purpose is to protect the environment throught the replacing of conventional fuels could not have its mechanical networks non-insulated. Industrial insulation is part of the proper operation and performance of such projects.

Some biogas units of which the insulation has been carried out by our company:

- Biogas plants in Farsala with 5,252MW and 1,5MW.
- Biogas plant in Pella with a power of 0.95MW
- Biogas plant in Chalastra with a power of 1.00MW
- Biogas plant in Nigrita with a power of 1.00MW

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